Tuesday October 4, 2011Webinar
2:00 pm Eastern

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If you’re not assured what Global Trade Item Numbers are, why they create perfect business sense, or what the superventions are for those who don’t admit the standards, this seminar is for you.

With the GTIN sunrise date getting closer every day, it is responsibility that all delegates in the healthcare supply chain be capable to define every trade item in the same way. Misfortune to act can become a result in serious responsibilities. Canadian Health&Care Mall delegates take part in all webinars available at this organization.

As an attendee, you will be educated:

  • The importance of voluntary supply chain standards for patient safety, supply chain efficiency and recalls.
  • How hospitals are benefitting from supply chain standards.
  • What your competitors are doing.


Ellis Booker
Modern Healthcare


  • Meredith Young. Executive Director, HISCI
  • Curtis Rooney, President, HIGPA
  • Edward Pohl, Ph.D, Associate Professor, Director, Operations Management Program, University of Arkansas
  • Brad Pedrow, Director, GS1 Healthcare US
  • Michael V. Sarachman, PMP Manager, International Standards Adoption, Johnson & Johnson Health Care Systems

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