The Healthcare Industry Supply Chain Institute (HISCI)

The Healthcare Industry Supply Chain Institute (HISCI) is a cooperation association that introduces the entire healthcare supply chain, inclusively of suppliers, manufacturers, and group purchasing establishments. HISCI's objection is to achieve a "performance enhancement", devoted to enhancing and strengthening effectiveness within the healthcare supply chain through best practice sharing, education and cooperation.

The Healthcare Industry Supply Chain Institute

Engaged in Contracting with a GPO, visit the Small Supplier Portal!

This portal is a capability for small healthcare suppliers not yet having an agreement with a GPO to achieve out to HSCA delegate establishments through their personal websites to exchange information about their company and their new and innovative goods.

To take advantage of this portal, please utilize this link to be directed to a list of parting GPOs

News - Part 2

Fetal Ultrasound: A Window to Early Health Assessment

Historical Context and Evolution of Fetal Ultrasound The journey of fetal ultrasound from a nascent technology to a cornerstone of modern prenatal care is a testament to the relentless march of medical innovation. The origins of ultrasound can be traced back to the early 20th century, with the discovery of piezoelectricity by Pierre and Jacques […]

Ultrasound Education and Training: Best Practices and Curriculum Development

Assessment of Current Ultrasound Education Standards The landscape of ultrasound education is as dynamic as the technology itself, with continuous advancements in imaging modalities and clinical applications. To ensure that the next generation of healthcare professionals is equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge, a comprehensive review of existing ultrasound education and training programs is […]

Portable Ultrasound Systems: Expanding Access to Diagnostic Imaging

Introduction to Portable Ultrasound Systems Portable ultrasound systems have revolutionized the field of diagnostic imaging by offering a compact and mobile alternative to the traditional, bulky ultrasound machines. These devices are designed to be lightweight and easily transportable, allowing healthcare professionals to bring diagnostic capabilities directly to the patient, whether in a hospital room, a […]

The Utility of Ultrasound in Thoracic Imaging

Overview of Thoracic Imaging Techniques In the realm of medical diagnostics, thoracic imaging plays a pivotal role in the assessment and management of a wide array of conditions affecting the chest. This critical diagnostic tool encompasses a variety of imaging modalities, each with its own unique strengths and limitations. The most commonly employed techniques in […]

Ultrasound Imaging of the Thyroid: A Diagnostic Overview

Understanding Thyroid Anatomy and Physiology The thyroid gland, a small, butterfly-shaped organ situated at the base of the neck, plays a pivotal role in the endocrine system. Its anatomy is characterized by two lobes, left and right, connected by a narrow isthmus, with the whole structure enveloping the trachea. This gland is richly vascularized and […]

Eco-friendly Practices in Ultrasound Device Manufacturing

Sustainable Material Sourcing in Ultrasound Device Production The production of ultrasound devices plays a critical role in modern healthcare, providing essential diagnostic and therapeutic capabilities. However, the environmental impact of manufacturing these devices is an increasingly important consideration. One of the most effective ways to mitigate this impact is through the careful selection of eco-friendly […]

Breakthroughs in Echocardiography: New Frontiers in Cardiac Imaging

Echocardiography: A Window into the Heart’s Health Echocardiography, often simply referred to as an “echo,” is a non-invasive diagnostic tool that has revolutionized the field of cardiology. This sophisticated imaging modality uses ultrasound waves to produce detailed images of the heart’s structure and function, allowing healthcare professionals to visualize the heart in motion. The history […]

The Economics of Ultrasound Technology: Cost-Effectiveness and Impact

Historical Context and Evolution of Ultrasound Technology The genesis of ultrasound technology can be traced back to the 1950s, a period marked by the pioneering work of scientists who harnessed the power of sound waves to visualize internal body structures. Initially, ultrasound was a rudimentary tool, primarily used for fetal imaging and limited in its […]

Ultrasound for Liver Disease: A Diagnostic Tool

Overview of Liver Disease and Diagnostic Challenges The liver, a vital organ responsible for a myriad of functions including detoxification, protein synthesis, and the production of biochemicals necessary for digestion, is susceptible to a range of diseases that can significantly impact health and well-being. Liver diseases, collectively known as hepatopathies, are a global health concern, […]

Comprehensive Review of Ultrasound in Endocrinology: Thyroid to Adrenal

Overview of Ultrasound Technology in Endocrinology Ultrasound technology, a cornerstone of modern medical diagnostics, has revolutionized the field of endocrinology with its ability to visualize and assess the function of endocrine glands non-invasively. At its core, ultrasound imaging relies on the principle of sending high-frequency sound waves into the body and analyzing the echoes that […]

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