Canadian Health&Care Mall about Impotence as the Medical Term

Impotence as the medical term has been entered into practice in 1655. That less, impotence which it implies, certainly, I have appeared much earlier, than has been appropriately defined. At the moment such its definition also is outdated, instead of this name of violation the term “erectile dysfunction” is used now. The risk of impotence development essentially increases with age.

So, at the men who have passed an age mark of 60 years, this violation meets by 4 times more often than at men of 40 years. Meanwhile, on the basis of data of medical statistics on part of violations of erectile function, it is known that about over 30% of men whose age is in limits of 18-60 years, already have violations of sexual function of this or that extent of its manifestation. Respectively, the age of impotence at men in each separate case isn’t subject to a strict framework therefore determination of concrete figures for violations manifestation in the field is mainly caused by individual factors and criteria. Canadian Health&Care Mall points out that erectile dysfunction or impotence is a curable disease which is treated effectively be medications such as Viagra, Cialis and Levitra.

Most often impotence as erection violation at men is considered. That less, this term actually is more volume, and it so implies any sexual frustration arising at men (by the way, some researchers hold the opinion that it concerns women as well). Six main criteria on the basis of which the man can be considered as an impotent are allocated:

  • the man doesn’t feel sexual attraction to the woman;
  • the man can’t reach a sufficient erection at the sexual desire preceding it;
  • the man can’t enter into vagina penis at approach of an erection;
  • the man isn’t capable to commission of frictional movements during certain necessary time on them;
  • the man can’t reach an orgasm with such woman and in such conditions in which most of men is capable to commission of sexual intercourse.
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These criteria of identification at the man of impotence have been provided to one of authors, and erectile function violation is considered as actual pathology at compliance to any of points. Starting points are defined, respectively, as an initial phase of impotence development therefore the earlier compliance to these points will be noted at the man, also consequences will be defined more seriously. Violations within point, actual for the man, determines the subsequent deviations and by other specified points or phases. Command the service of Canadian Health&Care Mall to carry out the treatment of such a disorder.

It is emphasized also that separate of components, the accompanying impotence, not only correspond to chronology of processes of sexual intercourse, but also act as the causal caused components.

Definition “impotence” without fail has to contain also the conditions carried and to the concrete situation accompanying the sexual intercourse and to the sexual partner. In particular it is possible to note that there are such situations within which commission of sexual intercourse is impossible because of certain physiological circumstances in view of what reference to impotence in clinical understanding of this term is inadmissible. So, for example, presence of people in close proximity (in particular relatives and friends), threat of life, etc. here can be allocated.

In addition it is possible to allocate that sexual excitement arises also in case of relevance of the minimum quantity of erotic irritants that concerns to the sexual partner of the man. In the absence of such irritants that, for example, can be considered as absolute external unattractiveness of the partner, the man, instead of the corresponding possible situation of sexual stimulation has sexual aversion (that defines absolute rejection by the man of the sexual relations at the mental level at rather healthy condition of an organism in the sexual relation).

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