How does sport affect the potency?

The development of medicine is proceeding in many areas at the present time, science does not stay away from such an important issue, as poor erection, its absense and effective treatment. All the specialists agree that sex life is important for men at any age. Sexual health is an integral part of the emotional state, overall health, and relationships with women. Statistics assigns the peak of men’s sexual activity at the age range from 20 to 30 years, followed by a gradual decline. In addition to age-related changes, there are also a number of causes of the problems with potency. At this point, each representative of the stronger sex has a natural question: “How to keep myself in shape and what to do with the weakening of potency?” The science has already developed a lot of ways and means to combat erectile dysfunction and improve the potency, even without the use of drugs, which are aimed at erection improving and there are lots of pharmacies where you may choose from a variety of preparates which improve potency. Visit Canadian Health&Care Mall if you are looking for such medications.

What is an erectile dysfunction?

erectile dysfunctionErectile dysfunction (lack of erection is a breach in the functioning of the penis, resulting in an inability to carry out a full sexual intercourse.

The question how to preserve the potency interests not only men, but also women. Before considering potency improvenment you should remember that potency is practially the potencial of men in this life, his capabilities, intellectual, physical, and spiritual ones. Potency actually defines achieving of men in the material, social and other spheres of life. Therefore, women are unconsciously attracted to such men.

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To everyone’s regret, the male potency, things are not as optimistic. Statistics indicate inexorable figures: more than 30% of the male population, even young ones, faced erectile dysfunction, which is a direct indicator of problems with potency.
Studies show that such men greatly increase the risk of problems with blood vessels, which ultimately leads to heart attack or stroke. The official medicine still treats diseases, and pays little attention to direct health promotion. But we must remember that the health maintaince, its potential are amazing and endless, you just have to learn how to use them.

How do sports influence potency?

 sportsThe impact of sport on the potency depends on the sport type, the frequency and complexity of the training (professional and amateur sports) and other factors that will be considered further.

Sport as a healing measure

Sports activities have beneficial effects on human health, make it stronger and hardier. For example, aerobic exercises, such as jogging, swimming, jumping rope, and any kind of physical activity contribute to cardiovascular muscle training, saturation the body with oxygen, improvement of lung function, revitalization of all organs. In turn, potency influences the general state of health, so it advisable to strive to recover seek to enhance the recovery the whole organism.

Some sports influenct potency best of all:

  • jogging;
  • swimming;
  • walking.

These sports not only improve health, but also improve blood circulation in the genitals, which directly improves sexual function. Also sports increase male hormone testosterone, which is responsible for sexual desire and sexual function. Training in the gym especially increases the testosterone level.

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But there are sports that could harm potency. These are chess, rally, cycling. Long sitting has a negative impact on the potency, which leads to disruption of blood circulation in the pelvic organs, that is why potency suffers. Some doctors say, bicycle has an especially dangerous impact on potency. There are a lot of conflicting opinions on this matter, and each party brings its evidence in a defense.

Sport as a profession

swimmerProfessional athletes are well trained people with good health who are professionally engaged in sports. Depending on the required skills professional athletes train every day, one or two workouts per day. Duration and (or) the amount of training can significantly increase before big competitions. This approach to training allows athletes to develop their athletic skills, but may harm health. During intense training, the potency and sexual desire of the athlete may be significantly reduced. This happens due to the fact that the body spends most of the forces on training and recovery. In this case, a man needs a break from training and proper rest to restore the potency.

Effect of sportmen’s drugs on potency

protein3Often professional athletes start using sports doping to improve sportive results. This trend is especially developed in bodybuilding, powerlifting, armwrestling. Such drugs as anabolic steroids lead to reduced production of sex hormones in the body, that is reflected in the subsequent decrease in potency. After subsequent refusal of steroids, testicular function for hormone production and potency is restored, but in severe cases of hormones abuse, hormones of men never come back to normal.

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Do not confuse a common sports nutrition with serious hormonal therapy. For example, bodybuilders use protein – powder mix with high protein content. This protein of plant origin will make no adverse effects on the body and potency.

Conclusion: sport is a great way to improve your health and potency, if you follow the right training, rest and nutrition regimes.