How To Improve Potency after 50?

Most men over 50 years old experience difficulties associated with potency. There is nothing surprising here, as it happens due to the aging of the organism. However, not always erectile dysfunction is associated only with old age, in most cases, the problem with potency is associated with diseases that older men start suffering from. Canadian Health&Care Mall has selected the necessary information on this matter for you.

Reasons for decreasing of potency after 50man50

  • Low level of sex hormones. Reduced production of sex hormones starts approximately after 25 years. This process is irreversible, and subsequently, most men lack the hormones that affect sexual function. However, in the early years, hormone reduction is not noticeable for men, but after 50 years androgen deficiency manifests itself;
  • Vasoconstriction. With age, the vessels lose their elasticity and are narrowing. As a result, the flow of blood through the vessels slows down, which is primarily evident deterioration of potency, as blood flows into the penis through small vessels;
  • Cardiovascular diseases. The inability of the organism to control the blood cholesterol level provokes its accumulation on the walls of blood vessels, leading to strokes and heart attacks, coronary artery disease. Even if a man does not suffer from any cardiovascular disease, with age, the heart muscle becomes weaker and less workable, that is why blood circulation to the genitals is deteriorating. Good blood circulation is one of the main factors of good potency;
  • Diseases of the sexual sphere: such diseases as prostatitis, urethritis, etc., which older men tend to suffer, are the cause of the weakening of potency.

Premature aging

If you wonder why one 50-years-old man does not have problems with potency, and the other at the same age suffer from its absence, it is possible to find out that not only age puts its mark on men’s health. The key here is a way of life. Frequent use of alcohol, smoking, low physical activity, sedentary lifestyle, poor diet, stress, etc. leads to health problems and premature aging. In the reverse situation, a man can hope for a healthy aging while maintaining sexual desire and sexual function.

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Treatment of age-related decrease in potency

happy people3The main problem for male aging is a change in the hormonal balance. Perhaps there is no such organ in a man’s body which the main male hormone testosterone was nor responsible for. The decrease in a testosterone level affects the general health of a man. Therefore, elimination of problems with the potency should be started with the elimination of age-related androgen deficiency.

Androgen deficiency treatment is carried out under medical supervision using hormone replacement therapy. Methods of natural increase of a testosterone level at age lack of hormones are less effective, but desirable and will be a great help to the basic treatment.

Once the basic treatment has been initiated, it is necessary to start to improve the potency in the natural ways. Particular attention should be paid to nutrition and special exercises to increase potency. The necessary condition is to abandon bad habits. Sometimes, only one refusal of bad habits can solve the problem with male health.

You should not hope much for the drugs. Though they are doing their job but can solve the problem just for a short time. There is also a risk of psychological addiction to pills, without which man would not be able to feel confident.

When there is a weakening of potency, middle-aged men often complain of age. However, not always age-related changes are responsible for the decrease in potency. Often, such a decrease in potency happens due to the way of life. And it’s not just bad habits and lack of physical activity, but also a poor diet. The body does not receive the necessary material, it ceases to work properly, and that leads to loss of functions, not responsible for the individual’s vital activity, such as the function of reproduction. To prevent this, it is necessary to revise the diet: to include the products which increase potency and eliminate foods that lower sexual function in men.

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Let’s take a look at the products which reduce sexual function and should be excluded or, at least, limited.

Products lowering sex hormone level and potency

oldSalt. Scientists have proved that the excess sodium in the body of men reduces the production of testosterone, which leads to a decrease in potency. A habit to salt food profusely can be a major cause of the weakening of libido and potency. Sodium is necessary for the body, but only in limited quantities. For men, the daily salt intake should not exceed 3-4 grams.

Sugar. Tea with sugar, cakes, chocolates, sweet carbonated water, juices from the store – all these is excess sugar, provoking a decrease in a sexual function. Although the body needs glucose as an energy source, food glucose does not possess such properties as organic one. The maximum daily sugar intake for men is 6 teaspoons.

Fast food. It is the most dangerous enemy not only for sex but also for the general male health. If there is a daily snack with fast food, it is necessary to replace it with a natural and nutritious diet. Fast food is not only food from McDonald’s and other similar institutions, as mistakenly believed by many people, but also fast food-store dumplings, pasta and hot dogs, sausages, chips and other products. If you can not completely give up these products, reduce their consumption to a minimum.

Sweet drinks. As we mentioned above, the carbonated drinks contain sugar, which excessive amount harms men (a glass of soda contains approximately 6 teaspoons of sugar). However, not only the excess sugar is harmful to health, in addition, carbonated beverages contain preservatives, carcinogens and chemical additives, not promising anything good for our body. The best replacement of fizzy drinks is purified water.

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Baking and white bread. It contains yeast, sugar, acid and other substances that reduce the level of male sex hormones. It is necessary to replace the consumption of white bread with the black or unleavened bread.

Products containing soy. Soy foods contain plant analogs of female sex hormones – phytoestrogens, whose properties are opposite to the male hormone testosterone. Currently, soy is commonly used in the food industry as a major source of vegetable protein. It can be found in dairy (milk, cheese), meat (sausages, sausages, semi-finished products), confectionery and other products. However, this does not mean that you have to give up the foods containing soy, you should just limit their consumption.

Caffeine. Caffeine destroys the molecules of free testosterone. Free (biologically active) testosterone is the most important for men than testosterone, which is in bound form. Minimize caffeine intake.

Alcoholic beverages. According to the observations of scientists, alcohol acts on the male testicles as a poison, reducing their function for the production of sex hormones and sperm. And, according to scientists, the testicles never fully restore their functions, thus, a man who is continually drinking alcohol risks to turn into a sexless creature. The real blow to the sexual function of men is beer. Beer contains phytoestrogens – female sex hormones of vegetable origin, which suppress the production of testosterone and have the opposite effect. The increased estrogen level not only inhibits the sexual function but also provokes excess fat and breast growth in women’s type (in severe cases).