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Category: Erectile Dysfunction

Can Men Have Orgasm Without Ejaculating?

Orgasm Without EjaculatingOrgasm without ejaculation or erection is considered a violation that can be provoked by several factors. The so-called dry orgasm may not be dangerous and very pleasant, but sometimes it is an alarm. With a systematic orgasm without ejaculation, it is necessary to visit a specialist.

Orgasm without ejaculation – reasons

Often, women wonder why man ejaculates quickly, and do not know how to prolong ejaculation. Erection without ejaculation causes even more questions.

At a young age, sex without ejaculation (if not regular) is not dangerous. Most often, this happens after multiple orgasms – the body may lack sperm for some time. Usually, the problem disappears after several hours of rest.

In addition, sex without ejaculation can be provoked by the following risk factors:

  • Diabetes;
  • Cancer of the bladder;
  • Pathology of the reproductive organs;
  • Spinal cord injuries;
  • Testosterone deficiency;
  • Multiple sclerosis;
  • Retrograde ejaculation;
  • Laser prostate surgery;
  • Radiation therapy.


Delayed Ejaculation – Useful or Dangerous?

Delayed EjaculationDelayed ejaculation will help continue sexual intercourse and seem more courageous to your partner. There are several ways of how to prolong ejaculation. But is it worth trying?

Below in the article:

  1. Delayed ejaculation – male ejaculation tips
  2. The method of “compression”
  3. The method of “stop-start” to prolong ejaculation
  4. Why is delayed ejaculation harmful?
  5. How to stop premature ejaculation for sure?

Delayed ejaculation – male ejaculation tips

Some women and men are interested in why man ejaculates quickly and how to prolong ejaculation. There are 2 common methods that will help avoid premature ejaculation.

The method of “compression”

This kind of potency exercises is quite popular and practiced by many men. The goal of the technique is to learn how to feel your body, to recognize sensations during stimulation and before ejaculation. It is necessary to bring a man to maximum sexual excitement, after that the process will be stopped due to compression of the penis. Compression should be strong enough for erection to relax a little. Compression duration is several seconds. It should be stopped quickly, but without unpleasant sensations. (more…)

How does sport affect the potency?

The development of medicine is proceeding in many areas at the present time, science does not stay away from such an important issue, as poor erection, its absense and effective treatment. All the specialists agree that sex life is important for men at any age. Sexual health is an integral part of the emotional state, overall health, and relationships with women. Statistics assigns the peak of men’s sexual activity at the age range from 20 to 30 years, followed by a gradual decline. In addition to age-related changes, there are also a number of causes of the problems with potency. At this point, each representative of the stronger sex has a natural question: “How to keep myself in shape and what to do with the weakening of potency?” The science has already developed a lot of ways and means to combat erectile dysfunction and improve the potency, even without the use of drugs, which are aimed at erection improving and there are lots of pharmacies where you may choose from a variety of preparates which improve potency. Visit Canadian Health&Care Mall if you are looking for such medications.

What is an erectile dysfunction?

erectile dysfunctionErectile dysfunction (lack of erection is a breach in the functioning of the penis, resulting in an inability to carry out a full sexual intercourse.

The question how to preserve the potency interests not only men, but also women. Before considering potency improvenment you should remember that potency is practially the potencial of men in this life, his capabilities, intellectual, physical, and spiritual ones. Potency actually defines achieving of men in the material, social and other spheres of life. Therefore, women are unconsciously attracted to such men. (more…)

How To Improve Potency after 50?

Most men over 50 years old experience difficulties associated with potency. There is nothing surprising here, as it happens due to the aging of the organism. However, not always erectile dysfunction is associated only with old age, in most cases, the problem with potency is associated with diseases that older men start suffering from. Canadian Health&Care Mall has selected the necessary information on this matter for you.

Reasons for decreasing of potency after 50man50

  • Low level of sex hormones. Reduced production of sex hormones starts approximately after 25 years. This process is irreversible, and subsequently, most men lack the hormones that affect sexual function. However, in the early years, hormone reduction is not noticeable for men, but after 50 years androgen deficiency manifests itself;
  • Vasoconstriction. With age, the vessels lose their elasticity and are narrowing. As a result, the flow of blood through the vessels slows down, which is primarily evident deterioration of potency, as blood flows into the penis through small vessels;
  • Cardiovascular diseases. The inability of the organism to control the blood cholesterol level provokes its accumulation on the walls of blood vessels, leading to strokes and heart attacks, coronary artery disease. Even if a man does not suffer from any cardiovascular disease, with age, the heart muscle becomes weaker and less workable, that is why blood circulation to the genitals is deteriorating. Good blood circulation is one of the main factors of good potency;
  • Diseases of the sexual sphere: such diseases as prostatitis, urethritis, etc., which older men tend to suffer, are the cause of the weakening of potency.


Canadian Health&Care Mall about Impotence as the Medical Term

Impotence as the medical term has been entered into practice in 1655. That less, impotence which it implies, certainly, I have appeared much earlier, than has been appropriately defined. At the moment such its definition also is outdated, instead of this name of violation the term “erectile dysfunction” is used now. The risk of impotence development essentially increases with age.

So, at the men who have passed an age mark of 60 years, this violation meets by 4 times more often than at men of 40 years. Meanwhile, on the basis of data of medical statistics on part of violations of erectile function, it is known that about over 30% of men whose age is in limits of 18-60 years, already have violations of sexual function of this or that extent of its manifestation. Respectively, the age of impotence at men in each separate case isn’t subject to a strict framework therefore determination of concrete figures for violations manifestation in the field is mainly caused by individual factors and criteria. Canadian Health&Care Mall points out that erectile dysfunction or impotence is a curable disease which is treated effectively be medications such as Viagra, Cialis and Levitra.

Most often impotence as erection violation at men is considered. That less, this term actually is more volume, and it so implies any sexual frustration arising at men (by the way, some researchers hold the opinion that it concerns women as well). Six main criteria on the basis of which the man can be considered as an impotent are allocated:

  • the man doesn’t feel sexual attraction to the woman;
  • the man can’t reach a sufficient erection at the sexual desire preceding it;
  • the man can’t enter into vagina penis at approach of an erection;
  • the man isn’t capable to commission of frictional movements during certain necessary time on them;
  • the man can’t reach an orgasm with such woman and in such conditions in which most of men is capable to commission of sexual intercourse.


These criteria of identification at the man of impotence have been provided to one of authors, and erectile function violation is considered as actual pathology at compliance to any of points. Starting points are defined, respectively, as an initial phase of impotence development therefore the earlier compliance to these points will be noted at the man, also consequences will be defined more seriously. Violations within point, actual for the man, determines the subsequent deviations and by other specified points or phases. Command the service of Canadian Health&Care Mall to carry out the treatment of such a disorder.

It is emphasized also that separate of components, the accompanying impotence, not only correspond to chronology of processes of sexual intercourse, but also act as the causal caused components.

Definition “impotence” without fail has to contain also the conditions carried and to the concrete situation accompanying the sexual intercourse and to the sexual partner. In particular it is possible to note that there are such situations within which commission of sexual intercourse is impossible because of certain physiological circumstances in view of what reference to impotence in clinical understanding of this term is inadmissible. So, for example, presence of people in close proximity (in particular relatives and friends), threat of life, etc. here can be allocated.

In addition it is possible to allocate that sexual excitement arises also in case of relevance of the minimum quantity of erotic irritants that concerns to the sexual partner of the man. In the absence of such irritants that, for example, can be considered as absolute external unattractiveness of the partner, the man, instead of the corresponding possible situation of sexual stimulation has sexual aversion (that defines absolute rejection by the man of the sexual relations at the mental level at rather healthy condition of an organism in the sexual relation).

Canadian Health&Care Mall Gives Advice about Psychogenic Erectile Dysfunction

It is a known fact that shy men are at risk zone of psychogenic erectile dysfunction appearance. Such a type of impotence is very widespread nowadays. Young men who are going to carry out the first sexual intercourse are involved in such troubles. The innovative technologies such television, video and Internet have negative influence on sexual function as well as the inability to come in contact with women because of obscene scenes. They are afraid that nothing will turn out – nothing and it is impossible. But this form is well treated especially with Canadian Health and Care Mall.

It is worse when adult men begin to lose sexual function because of nerves. Most often it occurs in the so-called crisis of middle age. It is familiar to much – the hardest work, daily troubles, a small salary, in the country crisis, everything in life is bad, the hormonal background weakens, the wife seems old and ugly … And here is still this chronic fatigue. I have come from work all squeezed out as the lemon, has tried to have sex with the wife – it hasn’t turned out. The wife has called “weakling”, visited labels – everything, the diagnosis is provided. In the long term – family disintegration.


And though psychogenic factors around the world are quite frequent reasons of man’s impotence, unfortunately in the majority of countries the treatment of erectile dysfunction has been not worked out properly but nowadays it becomes possible to widen the methods of impotence treatment due to Canadian Health and Care Mall. I mean that the psychotherapy becomes the main method of treatment in this case, and the doctor-urologist if necessary has to solve “mechanical” problems.
Today urologists, sometimes successfully, sometimes not are forced to go in for such “psychotherapy”.

But nevertheless this form is fertile according to the forecast because it at the correct approach is well treated. Unlike those situations where organic changes of genitals take place (diseases of vessels, nerves and so forth). If you come across with such a problem as erectile dysfunction it is necessary first of all to consult the doctor and try to solve this problem together with your partner, a constant one of course.

Canadian Health&Care Mall with Affordable Information about Erectile Dysfunction

It has happened historically that disorder of erectile function (namely erectile dysfunction) has been off-limits in the society. Earlier erectile dysfunction was known as a term “impotence“. It meant if you were not capable to possess erection erection sufficient enough to carry out sexual intercourse that there was no way to treat it.

Nowadays it is a known fact that erectile dysfunction is a disorder which is caused by the damage of intimate vessels. Sometimes the erectile dysfunction may become a symptom of some other diseases’ manifestations. As a result erectile dysfunction may be caused by endocrine disorders, urological disorders, neuropsychic disorders. But nowadays it becomes possible to treat erectile dysfunction, especially with Canadian Health and Care Mall. It is an online store with a wide range of remedies directed to satisfy all your needs.

erectile dysfunction

As to continue this topic concerning erectile dysfunction women should understand that erectile dysfunction is a disorder caused by some physiological problems moreover this disorder is curable. The most important thing is to conduct and arrange the talk upon this topic tactfully. Women should show that they understand how it is undertaking to suffer from such a disorder, they are going to support them during this occasion. Women should not press males demanding to carry out sexual intercourse.

The second step is to persuade men to attend the doctor to carry out the detailed examination causing such a problem. You should be ready to persuade them that only doctor may identify the reason of erectile dysfunction appearance. Doctor will help you to work out the treatment plan and offer the necessary for this goal achievement medications. Such medications may be ordered via website of Canadian Health and Care Mall.

Erectile dysfunction , as it was mentioned above, is a curable disorder. There are various methods to treat erectile dysfunction. They should be chosen taking into considerations the stage of erectile dysfunction.

Really speaking erectile dysfunction is a widespread disorder among young men as well as old ones that’s why the causes may be different and treatment should be carried out concerning the exact man and exact clinical picture. You should not self-medicate because it may lead to severe ramifications and side effects emergence.

After the treatment is finished and you feel again on the level to be satisfied with your sexual life you will understand that the life is brighter and full of colours. You will start for a new life after the disorder is overcome. Really speaking no one guarantees you the 100% – result but everything is dependent on you. If you do your best you will receive the great satisfaction from sexual intercourses.

Treatments for Erectile Dysfunction Other than Viagra

Viagra provides quick relief to men with erectile dysfunction. It is an oral drug that can be used by all men above eighteen years of age. However there are some patients who are recommended to stay away from this oral drug.

The drug hit the market in the year 1988 and appeared to be long awaited call for some men. The oral drug became popular instantaneously as treatments erectile dysfunction. The reason Viagra became so popular in such short period of time have been enlisted below.

  • About 17% of the men above eighteen years of age have experienced impotence.
  • Around 6% of men suffer from erectile difficulties.
  • And almost 3% of men above 55 years of age suffer from the problem of erectile dysfunction.

Causes that Lead to Impotence

  • Heart disease
  • High blood pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Depression
  • Smoking
  • Alcohol
  • Surgery of prostate Cancer

Treatments erectile dysfunction

When Is Viagra Not Recommended?

Viagra should not be taken by men who are suffering from severe heart condition or people are taking nitrate for a certain heart disease. The reason is that when nitrate and Canadian Health&Care Mall Viagra are taken together, it reacts and causes a sudden drop in the blood pressure of the patient. Other side effects of Viagra that you need to consider have been mentioned below.

  • Abnormal vision
  • Bad headache
  • Flushing of the neck, chest, and face
  • Nausea
  • Dizziness
  • Chest pain
  • Irregular heartbeat

How does Viagra Cause Erection?

When you take a Canadian Health&Care Mall Viagra, the blood system is stimulated and blood gradually flows into the penis. This causes an increase in the firmness, length, and the width of an organ. Nonetheless, if the size of the arteries becomes extremely narrow or if the flow of blood through the system become very quick then you might have problem in achieving erection.


Other Alternatives for the Treatments Erectile Dysfunction


This drug can either be taken alone or along with some other drugs like Papaverine or Pehntolamine.

  • The drug can be injected in to the penis directly and helps in dilating the arteries.
  • It produces an erection that can lasts up to one hour.

Even though it is a good alternative, there are certain disadvantages of this drug. In fact, the drug can cause priapism, which is kind of long and painful erection. There is however an alternative, the drug can be inserted through the penis and absorbed through the lining of urethra.

Vacuum Pumps

  • The penis is placed in a pump that is shaped like a cylinder by taking the help of a vacuum constriction device.
  • You will be able to sustain the firmness of the penis by a constriction band, placed at the base of the penis.
  • The erection obtained through this technique can last for about half an hour

Penile Implants

  • This is a method by which a pump is placed in the scrotal sac and tube of the penis.
  • It is pump that causes an erection
  • The patient will be able to sustain the erection as long as they desire just by pumping saline solution into the penis.

Feet Massage To Improve Erection with Details on Canadian Health&Care Mall

Impotence is disorder in work of male genitals which can lead to loss of an opportunity to have sexual intercourse. This disease can be age, physiological and psychological.
The illness «impotence» can be diagnosed for men who in 25% of sexual intercourses have failures. At the same time impotence doesn’t lead to decrease in libido, and it causes additional difficulties in patients.
This disease is followed by sexual frustration among which there is an absence or violation of erection, and its easing. Also often sick with impotence in the presence of erection can’t keep it, that is there is a decrease in erectile function.

Even considering the fact that the reasons of impotence can be a set, the main reason is considered psychological disorder. It is very important for man’s health in the presence of the above-stated symptoms immediately to ask for the help of the skilled doctor. And then it is necessary to command the service of Canadian Health&Care Mall online to order drugs effective at erectile dysfunction treatment.

feet massage
There is a separate wish to note advantage of feet massage during treatment of impotence, moreover, it is established that regular performance of feet massage can reduce risk of impotence developing.

For performance of this procedure recommendations of the doctor aren’t necessary, feet massage anyway will bring only benefit and positive emotions. Of course, one feet massage won’t manage to be eradicated the problem therefore it is necessary to complete the correct course of treatment. For this purpose it is necessary to carry out a number of diagnostic procedures which are carried out in several steps.

At the beginning complaints of the patient are defined, detailed survey is conducted, and conclusions are drawn. After that examination of psychosocial condition of the patient is without fail conducted. Further it is necessary to carry out collecting analyses, physically inspection and laboratory researches of biomaterials. Fortunately, what unpleasant wouldn’t be this disease, it will respond to treatment especially with Canadian Health&Care Mall. Practically all patients who have asked for the help in time it can become possible to recover completely and further to conduct normal sexual life.
The procedure is quite simple and on its development 2-3 occupations are necessary. No special knowledge of medicine is required. Everything that is really necessary is your hands, legs and intention!

Carry out feet massage independently or ask darling to make it to you, really speaking it is much more pleasant!
For treatment of impotence in house conditions, it is necessary to process carefully the massage movements the following reflex zones: A reproductive system (man’s — testicles, carvenous body, prostate gland), lymph nodes (small pelvis), brain, endocrine system — all glands.

Massage is necessary to carry out 2 times a day — in the morning and in the evening. In the evening, for the best effect, take a heat bath for an hour before massage, air the room, turn on the easy and calming music and try to relax!

On condition of the correct implementation of all recommendations about a technique, for the 7th day you will feel improvement of health! For maintenance of result carry out massage 1-2 times a day.

Canadian Health&Care Mall Explains Factually The Phenomenon As Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is impossibility of erection achievement and maintenance sufficient enough for commission of sexual intercourse, it is one of the most widespread sexual disorder of men.

It is allocated primary and secondary type of erectile dysfunction. Primary or congenital is characterized by the fact that the man never in life could have sexual intercourse. It meets extremely seldom. Secondary erectile dysfunction is the most frequent option when for the time being in sexual life of the man everything was excellent, and problems with an erection have appeared only then.

The timely address to the doctor will help to keep man’s health. Most often men complain of the weak erection which isn’t allowing to have sexual intercourse. Sometimes, on the contrary, there is rather strong erection, but in attempt to proximity it quickly disappears. But Canadian Health&Care Mall is what you exactly need to carry out the sexual intercourses and revive your sexual life.
erectile dysfunctionWhy Does Erectile Dysfunction Appear?

Experts distinguish the reasons which lead to erectile dysfunction. They are the following:

  • diseases of cardiovascular system: the hypertension, coronary heart disease, atherosclerosis, endarteritis also;
  • endocrine disorders: hypogenitalism (insufficient production of sex hormone – testosterone), diabetes, hypothyroidism, adrenal hypo and hyperplasia, tumor of a hypophysis;
  • urological pathology: malformations of genitals, diseases of prostate gland and bladder, renal failure;
  • neurologic violations: depression, epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, consequences of trauma and operation of brain and spinal cord, small pelvis and crotch;
  • side effect of medicines: diuretics, adrenoreceptor blocking agent, antihistaminic preparations.

To prevent such deteriorating problems concerning male health you’d better to command the service of Canadian Health&Care Mall, an online pharmacy with a wide range of medications required at erectile dysfunction treatment.

Erectile Dysfunction In Figures

According to the researches, after 40 years 39% of strong half of mankind suffer from these or those potentiality violations, and after 50 pass 69% of men into their category.
But it happens and so that problems in the sexual sphere arise also at young men. Most often it happens because of overfatigue, somatic diseases, psychological problems.

For record

If erectile dysfunction has psychogenic character, treatment includes consultations of the psychotherapist and physiotherapeutic techniques.
Treatment of the erectile dysfunction caused by organic disorders begins with their correction. The examination preceding it, as a rule, includes:

  • analyses on the hormones level;
  • fasting blood sugar test;
  • electrocardiogram with loading and at rest;
  • research of a lipidic profile (triglycerides, general cholesterol, lipoproteins of high and low density);
  • doppler sonography of cavernous body vessels and/or prostate gland.

The reasons of erectile dysfunction or How to understand it

Is it necessary to address to the urologist or the psychologist? Yes, it is and if analyses reveal aberrations, the hormone replacement therapy normalize not only potentiality, but also cardiac work, arterial pressure, weight, blood indicators as well. Only the expert can appoint this kind of therapy.